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Are you passionate about excellent performance and making the world of work more meaningful, satisfying, and human? Is the way you work in team settings informed by your own mindful self-awareness, relational awareness, and social-emotional intelligence... even though these things aren't explicitly mentioned in the role you perform? Do you have a track record of success in delivering results with professional teams? Can you work well remotely... i.e. does your own presence and tone create interpersonal connection regardless of physical proximity?


Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. is a leadership development company providing services that address the intersection of self-awareness and team performance. Although we are happy to report that our work generally contributes to the creation of more human workplaces for our clients, as a company we are not specifically focused on providing mindfulness or wellness offerings as stand-alone services.


To be considered for one of Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's Employment Openings listed below, begin the assessment process by filling out our MLMW Employment Inquiry Form.


We look forward to hearing about you and your vision for mindful work.

Current Employment Openings (Updated: 3/11/22)

  • Sales Representative ~ Remote; Part-Time; Straight Commission; Salesforce Adept
  • Office Manager ~ Remote; Part-Time; Contract; Time Zones: UTC-5,-6,-7,-8
  • DevOps/IT Systems Intern ~ Remote; Part-Time; Knowledge of Workspace, Slack, Salesforce
  • BizDev Intern ~ Remote; Part-Time; Must have experience w/ Salesforce & Navigator
  • HR Intern ~ Remote; Part-Time; HR Generalist Duties; Must have experience w/ Gusto
  • Marketing Intern ~ Remote; Part-Time; Must have experience w/ HootSuite
  • Video Production Intern ~ Remote; Part-Time; Coordination, Production, Editing

NOTE: All intern positions are unpaid but are eligible to generate commissions.

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