Mindful Leadership Development: Inspiring Performance

Developing Skills to Achieve and Sustain Your Team's Highest Possible Outcomes

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  work developing leadership excellence consists of working one-on-one with leads in via our Mindful Executive Leadership Coaching. The work is focused on developing the ability to delegate and leverage numerous changing systems of  relationships within the real-life situations we find ourselves as leaders.


Our work will be tailored to your unique workplace situation... the relationship you will form with your coach will be the vehicle by which the work unfolds. By dedicating focused time to further develop your leadership style and how best to implement and leverage it, you'll find you can achieve and sustain higher levels of performance in your personnel, and can do so while maintaining their overall balance and happiness as people.



  • Priorities, Lifestyle, Knowing What I Want
  • Professional Skillset: Position, Expand, Leverage
  • Professional Vision: Future ‘Leaning’
  • Leadership Style: Language for Conveying
  • Resources: Inner & Outer Relationships
  • Networking & Negotiating Value
  • Coaching Mindset Applied to Self and Others
  • Mindfulness & Mindful Self-Awareness
  • Presence, Personal Power, Influence

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