Mindful Life, Mindful Work

Designing Professional Life with Personal Value in Mind

Mindful Life, Mindful Work (MLMW)  offers leadership coaching and mindfulness tools to organizations, teams, and individuals worldwide. Our work creates an increase in overall performance and well-being, which naturally leads to more effective leadership, team alignment, employee commitment, and a company culture that is fully connected to your shared mission.

Startups & Founders

You've worked hard to grow your business, but the time has come when your business should be working for you. We'll help you design your business strategy with your personal life in mind.

Leadership Exellence

Effective leadership requires the ability to delegate and leverage numerous changing systems of  relationships. Are your leaders trained to meet these and other complex challenges?

Career Professionals

Imagine the difference you’ll feel when invited to opportunities rather than needing to sell your value. A quality professional needn’t feel lucky to receive offers, and our work ensures you wont.

Teams & Culture

Does your workplace environment support employees to be high performers? What are you doing as a company to ensure your personnel are truly being as productive as possible?

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