Mindful Performance Coaching: Turning Vision Into Action

Leveraging Vision, Value, and Relationships to Create Best Possible Outcomes

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. offers coaching for leaders, teams, and companies looking to refine how they work. Our coaching work can occur with individual leaders within companies and also with independent career professionals seeking career acceleration.


In addition to coaching for individual professionals, we also offer companies a peer learning and co-development team experience that coaches attendees to perform at higher levels.


Our work will be tailored to your unique work and workplace situation... the relationship you will form with your coach will be the vehicle by which the work of coaching unfolds. By dedicating focused time to further refine your work and how best to design, implement, and leverage it, you'll find you can achieve and sustain higher levels of performance in yourself and your personnel, and can do so while simultaneously maintaining overall balance and happiness.

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Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.

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