Mindful Career Development: Step Into Your Power & Value

Designing and Leveraging Your Career Vision via Your Internal & External Resources

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  program for career professionals consists of weekly one-on-one Mindful Career Development Coaching sessions over a time period ranging from 3-months to indefinite. The work is highly individualized, and thus proceeds as a result of leveraging each client's strengths and areas of greatest competence. Working with MLMW will support each professional in the following general ways: 1) Accountability - are you following through on what you say is most important to you; 2) Skillful Questioning - encourages greater reflection and the emergence of new perspectives; 3) Sponsorship awareness - the client will grow a fuller appreciation of their relational resources; 4) Networking Without Asking - each client will learn to utilize networking as both a vehicle for generating opportunities, but also as a means to continually develop what they see as possible for their career. You'll learn to generate new opportunities by clarifying your value, leveraging your current skillsets, and by taking decisive action.


Our work will be tailored to your specific situation, and thus we do not use forms or systems like many coaching programs. Instead, the relationship you form with your coach will be the vehicle by which the work unfolds. This approach is much more relational, and we've found that great results for our clients come because our work helps 'situate' them as a professional within their career in a new way, in a more empowered way. When done well, our work will create beneficial habits for the entirety of a client's professional life.


Depending on the overall scope and focus of your goals, our work will support you in any or all of what we refer to as the Eight Ds. Whether addressed sequentially or popcorn style, our work will explore and refine each of these eight areas related to your life and work:

  1. Define Your Goals for Success
  2. Design Your Perfect Career
  3. Discover Unknown Resources
  4. Distill, Simplify, and Focus Your Efforts
  5. Deconstruct Limiting Beliefs
  6. Develop New Perspectives
  7. Decision-Making with Clarity
  8. Delivering Your Desired Results

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