Workplace Wellbeing: Creating Environments for Success

Cultivating and Supporting Healthy Inner and Outer Conditions

Great teams, companies, and workplaces don't just happen by accident, they are designed and created intentionally. Once designed, the design must be implemented and 'practiced' in an ongoing and meaningful way, in a way that each team member feels a connection, responsibility, and sense of pride in helping to nurture the continued growth of their company's workplace culture and the overall success of the organization. When designed well and supported consistently, leaders, teams, and employees can clearly connect their own personal purpose with the goals of the organization. This is essential if an organization hopes to achieve lasting success.

Dr. Richard Safeer is MLMW's Featured Workplace Wellbeing Expert

For the past 20 years, workplace health pioneer and thought leader Richard Safeer, M.D. has assessed cultures, trained leaders, and conducted and explored research on the intersection of individual and organizational behavior. Dr. Safeer currently serves as the Chief Medical Director of Employee Health and Well-Being for Johns Hopkins Medicine where he leads the Healthy at Hopkins employee health and well-being strategy. Dr. Safeer is a national speaker on the topic and is recognized as an expert in creating well-being cultures in the workplace.

In his book A Cure for the Common Company: A Well-Being Prescription for a Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient Workforce, Dr Safeer is the first author to provide a step-by-step roadmap for creating a well-being culture that integrates science with practical solutions as demonstrated by the numerous real stories from successful companies. Richard’s work sets the foundation for developing a strategy on how to create a wellbeing culture within your team or organization.


Dr. Safeer would be happy to speak to your organization on any of the following topics:

  • A Cure for the Common Company - How to use the six well-being culture building blocks to create a healthier workplace culture.
  • Well-Being is a Team Sport - Leverage the power of workplace relationships to increase the likelihood of improving employee health and well-being.
  • Well-Being as a Talent and Retention Strategy - Learn how to leverage well-being in your talent acquisition and employee retention strategy to get a leg up on your competition.

Additional information about inviting Dr. Safeer to join your next event is available upon request.


Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.  coaches and trains leaders, teams, and employees to achieve healthy lives and workplace cultures, both systemically and on the individual level. Below is a partial list of the wellbeing areas in which we specialize:

  • Comprehensive Workplace Wellbeing Programs
  • Mindfulness Trainings and Classes
  • Creating a Healthy and Productive Workplace Culture
  • Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction
  • Work-Life Integration Coaching

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