Mastermind Groups: Ongoing Mindful Development

Ongoing Meetings and Support via a Curated Group of Mindful Peers

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. began a new ongoing Mindful Professionals Mastermind (MPM) group in June of 2022. The group is limited to thirty-six (36) members and meets monthly for three hours (via Zoom), with smaller breakout cohorts (3-5 members) meeting weekly. See additional details further down this page.



The annual cost for participation is $15,500 USD. The group is facilitated by Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. CEO Jonathan Reynolds. Below you will find a full description of the group, including logistics. Interested parties can apply via the button at the very bottom of this page.

There is a free informational session coming up for folks to ask questions and to meet other interested professionals. At the informational session we will also be offering a time-limited special ‘first year’ price to those in attendance. You can register for the informational session using the button directly below.

Mindful Professionals Mastermind Group

The Mindful Professionals Mastermind (MPM) Group is a curated and ongoing professional development group for individuals interested in growing their work in both explicit and implicitly-mindful ways. The members who are chosen and their professional interests inform and determine areas covered by the group. Central importance is placed upon choosing members most likely to compliment and inspire each other's professional success.


Group Description

The Mindful Professionals Mastermind (MPM)  group is for professionals that are serious about making real change happen either within their own organization or within multiple organizations. The group is limited to thirty-six (36) participants and consists of professionals working towards growing mindful(ness) cultures within organizations. The commitment to participate is significant, both financially and also with regards to the minimum commitment to the group, which is one year.


In addition to being a great place for individual professionals to learn from and develop within a community of peers, it is also a cost-effective way for companies to develop one of their change agents. For diversification of perspectives, this curated think-tank consists of professionals both internal and external to companies, all with the common goal of growing how companies implement, utilize, and leverage mindfulness-informed thinking, practices, and services.


Overall Group Structure

  • Monthly 3-hour meetings via Zoom video conferencing (all group members)
  • Monthly meetings occur on the third (3rd) Saturday of each month from 8:00am-11:00am PST
  • Weekly 1-hr breakout cohort calls (3-5 members; cohorts regularly rotate)
  • Group is Ongoing and New Members will join until group is full (36), at which time a waitlist will be formed; new spots will open only if an existing member chooses to end their participation


Group Benefits & Resources 

  • Limitless Opportunities for Diversified Peer Learning
  • An Ongoing and Tight-Knit Group of Mindful Professional Colleagues
  • Ongoing Cohort and Buddy Professional Support
  • Potential for Professional Collaborations Amongst Members
  • Dedicated Google Workspace Catalogue for Resource Sharing
  • Access to Archives of Recorded Mastermind Sessions
  • Slack Workspace and Group Email Address for Ease of Member Communications
  • Group Members can list their participation on LinkedIn as part of Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.
  • Possible/Optional Add-On: pending member interest, an optional annual retreat will be organized


Monthly Group Sessions (Approximate Structure)

  • Intro and Opening: Presentation of Monthly Theme (15min.)
  • Personal Explorations: Breakout Discussions of Member Issues Related to Theme (55min.)
  • Collaborative Perspectives: Open Discussion of Theme and Related Topics (15min.)
  • Mid-Session Break (10min.)
  • Practical Applications: Focused Explorations of Pressing Member Items (75min.)
  • Mapping Our Plans: Suggested Action Items & Weekly Group Recommendations (10min.)


Sample Themes List

  • Presence and Our Inner Compass
  • Positioning Value Mindfully
  • Embedding a Developmental Mindset
  • Extending Our Sphere of Influence
  • Mindful Networks and Relationships
  • Sponsorship and Buy-In within Mindful Change Initiatives
  • Making Work a Mindful Practice
  • Creating a Mindful Company Culture


Membership Details

  • Limited to thirty-six (36) corporate champions committed to developing mindful company cultures
  • Membership determined by 'rightness of fit'; members may be internal or external to organizations
  • Rolling Enrollment: Applications received year round
  • Annual Cost: $15,500 USD

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