Feedback from Our Clients

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"As an experienced coach, I took my time to choose the coach I wanted to work with and found in Jonathan the quality of presence, attention, care and stimulation I was looking for. I felt that Jonathan connected with who I truly am, and his warmth and embodied awareness made me feel supported, encouraged, appreciated such that I was able to dare to dream a bigger and bolder dream for myself. As a business owner and developer, I appreciated greatly Jonathan's confidence and interest in understanding what is important for me in my life and in my work. Jonathan embodies mindfulness so genuinely that I found myself thinking and questioning with greater clarity and depth. In addition, it was a pleasure."

--Hedy, Executive Coach & Consultant, Paris, France


"I decided to work with Jonathan after our short introductory call. He struck me at the time as someone with a strong ability to lead me to the changes I wanted but couldn't get outside myself enough to see how to do. During my time working with him, his ability to simultaneously connect and lead allowed me to integrate parts of myself that were not on the same page previously. The result is that for the first time, I feel I'm on the right track towards improving my career."

--James, Technology Leader, San Francisco, CA


"It's difficult to ever feel like I've said enough good things about Jonathan; in our working together for almost a year, my competence and ability to weather major transitions in both my personal and professional life has increased dramatically. Providing both work- and life-coaching through asking questions I've not encountered before, as well as consistently having examples of philosophies to enable my own growth & endure through trying situations, Jonathan has made my experience with Mindful Life, Mindful Work nothing short of gratifying and fulfilling."

--Catherine, Business Development Associate, Palo Alto, CA


"I highly recommend Jonathan Reynolds for executive and business coaching. Jonathan's ease of being and skillful questions invite opening to deeper undercurrents at play. His kind, intelligent curiosity and refined attention models what leaders would do well to embody and I looked forward to each session in anticipation of learning more about myself -- even the parts I've actively avoided seeing in the past. Jonathan is a wise, compassionate and deep listener. He is efficient and grounded in approach. His coaching has positively impacted my ability to see clearly and make adjustments accordingly -- leading the change necessary for continued growth and opportunity within myself as well as my business."

--Dana, Executive Coach, Boise, ID


"Jonathan has been quite helpful in being a great sounding board and channeling your energy correctly to the right areas you need to address.  Also, on the proactive side, one can benefit really well when you drive a conversation a bit and then Jonathan really susses out the core areas one needs to expand upon to make them better. I enjoyed my experience with him as he helped me define a definitive vision and help me articulate goals (aim for more); a fantastic intro statement and other factors.  I would work with him again."

--Sumeet, Digital Executive, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


"Jonathan is very pleasant to work with. He is inspiring and encouraging, and an excellent listener knowledgeable in many subjects. I feel like I have both a friend and a counselor in him. My coaching has built my confidence, and his challenges and suggestions are always of great value."

--Noel, Senior Software Developer, Greater Boston Area


"Jonathan is an excellent coach. He accurately evaluated my strengths as well as my challenges, and was very effective in helping me over the hurdles in order to meet those challenges."

--Thomas, Data Conversion Consultant, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


"I had the distinct pleasure to work with Jonathan on a project last year, a planned support infrastructure for the legal world. Jonathan's thoughtful and even handed suggestions helped us make conscientious decisions. He brought the diverse group together and guided us forward, helping us to see the hidden things in our grand plans. I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

--Euan, Director of Operations, El Cerrito, CA


"Jonathan is amazing as a business coach! He has truly changed my approach to business in a powerful, meaningful and profitable way! I would highly recommend him to executives, entrepreneurs -- anyone looking for fresh meaningful business guidance and insight!"

--DeeDee, Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA


"Jonathan listens deeply - you feel his groundedness right away - and he responds thoughtfully. He is able to distill a lot of information into simple and succinct insights. He is patient and compassionate: he understands that growth can be challenging, uncomfortable, even disorienting. He does not recoil from anger, frustration, disappointment. I've learned a lot, and gained a lot from our work together. I highly recommend him."

--Steven, Film Composer, Berkeley, CA


"Jonathan had a way of pulling deep, thought provoking questions out of our conversations. I would leave the session with pages of notes. He would always leave me with an intention for the week and helped me work through some challenging situations at work. I look forward to working with him again soon!"

--Darryl, Executive Vice President, Oakland, CA


"Jonathan Reynolds has been instrumental in helping me leverage my 30+ years experience in technology following my former company’s buyout offer. He’s very personable, authentic and adept at making me feel that he’s totally invested in my success. Through our conversations, I’ve discovered so many new options for my skills than were apparent using other coaching programs."

--Jeff, Principal Systems Engineer, Fort Worth, TX

"Jonathan was incredibly helpful in helping me work with my own personal issues when it came to my desire to start a business. He was warm, caring, and a great listener who gave me wonderful feedback. I appreciated the chance to work with him and feel he has a lot to offer."

--Rebekah, Trauma Specialist, Seattle, WA


"Over the past eighteen years I’ve built five highly successful businesses and I pride myself in my ability to surround myself with genuinely great people. And that’s exactly why I chose to work with and to learn from Jonathan. His coaching strategies are grounded in truth, freedom, integrity, and empathy, the very values that align perfectly with everything that I am about."

--Keith, Investor & Business Consultant, Evansville, IN


"I have been on the fence about whether to dive in head first on a new career path and Jonathan’s authentic & mindful approach helped me see more clearly that I was in fact already on the path to something bigger, and that I just needed to be patient and take the next indicated step towards my life’s purpose. His guidance came at the right time and helped solidify confidence in myself.”

--Kevin, Technology Program Manager, Anaheim, CA


"Jonathan's questions and mindful approach to understanding what drives action helped me during a transitional time in my life. He helped me have insight into tough decisions I had to make and helped me understand the motivating factor behind the necessary steps I needed to take to reach my goals."

--Jennifer, Mental Health Clinician, Portland, OR


"Jonathan is an excellent listener, took inventory of the many different angles of my professional life, and offered concrete solutions to help me take steps in a forward and committed direction. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who is looking for general guidance, for support identifying potential opportunities, or for those seeking to design a strategic plan for continued success."

--Elliott, Sales & Marketing Professional, San Francisco, CA