"Mindfulness vs. Addiction: How Patients at Maryland Recovery Find Sobriety Through Meditation" by Remy Antonio Albillar

These days, mindfulness is constantly discussed at networking luncheons, presented on by professional panels or touched on in informative online think pieces. Despite the fact mindfulness has become such a ubiquitous concept, many people forget that these techniques have application outside of the business world. Here at Maryland Recovery, a top addiction treatment facility In the United States, we see how mindful meditation can impact a person struggling with addiction on a daily basis.

In the U.S., more than 20 million adults struggle with addiction each year. The problem is especially tangible in the state of Maryland, where hundreds of individuals die of drug overdoses each year. This deadly epidemic has allowed us to see how the benefits of mindfulness go far beyond the boardroom.

Meditation Supports Addiction Recovery

Mindfulness, a state of non-judgmental awareness where the individual is fully engaged in the present moment, has numerous applications during addiction treatment.

Patients who practice meditation and mindfulness are better able to focus on recovery while blocking out nagging thoughts and troubling memories. By recognizing these thoughts for what they are instead of allowing them to become a paralyzing sense of dread, patients can instead spend their mental energy analyzing the behaviors and emotions that inspired their drug use in the first place.

Staying Mindful In Recovery

Recovery doesn’t stop after treatment ends. Thankfully, the skills that patients learn during their stay at Maryland Recovery can be used to assist them in their daily lives.

The ability to achieve a sense of mindfulness is an incredibly powerful tool for those in early recovery. That is because relapse triggers are difficult to avoid, especially just after the patient exits treatment.

Mindfulness techniques allow these individuals to recognize their sudden cravings for what they are and quickly address them without succumbing to relapse.

Responding to Cravings Without Shame

Mindfulness is also a valuable tool for those in recovery because it provides patients with new ways to react to longstanding addiction triggers. It is not uncommon for patients to feel ashamed of their substance cravings and try to keep them a secret. Unfortunately, this approach only increases their risk of relapse.

Faced with guilt or shame over their relapse cravings, individuals may feel much less motivated to stay sober. The reality is that relapse is extremely common and nothing to be ashamed of. Those with a mindful attitude can internalize this approach more readily, helping them to make the challenges of early recovery a little easier to overcome.

Spreading Awareness Saves Lives

While mindfulness and meditation have played vital roles in helping companies to combat employee burnout and increase productivity, there are so many other ways that these techniques can help people to lead better, healthier lives.

Mindfulness experts should consider how their passion can impact their community above and beyond the business sector. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone was a bit more mindful?



Remy Antonio Albillar is an experienced content creator who has written about the addiction treatment industry since 2011. Working with Maryland Recovery, Remy has covered some of the most devastating impacts of the country’s out-of-control opioid epidemic. He hopes that spreading awareness about these topics will encourage more people struggling with addiction to seek treatment. You can read more of Remy’s work by visiting the Maryland Recovery blog.


Want to know even more about how mindfulness supports addiction recovery? Maryland Recovery’s free eBook describes a wide range of holistic therapies and how they can be used to help someone working through drug or alcohol treatment. Download today and start spreading helpful information about breaking cycles of addiction.

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