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Want to hire one, some, or all of Mindful Life, Mindful Work's coaches and consultants. Our mindfulness-informed approach can be tailored to focus on three specific areas within your organization: 1) Business Strategy and Executive Leadership; 2) Team Performance and Development; 3) Workplace Health, Wellness, and Culture. Visit our Mindful Leadership, Business Coaching, and Executive Coaching pages, then contact us to set up your free strategy session.

Team member biographies and areas of specialization can be viewed below.

Jonathan's Services: Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mindful Leadership

Jonathan Reynolds is a business and executive coach living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His coaching work focuses on helping individuals and organizations generate new business by clarifying their key relationships and marketable value. Jonathan’s academic background includes the study of biology, philosophy, psychology, and an executive leadership certificate from Cornell University.  Read More

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Annalise's Services: Career Coaching, Mindset Excellence, Workplace Wellness

Annalise Koltai is a coach who is obsessed with what makes an excellent human, both personally and professionally. Her work is grounded in positive psychology and uses a strengths based approach to help clients effect change in their lives. Annalise is committed to partnering with her clients in their cultivation of radical self-responsibility which in turn allows them to blow the roof off of what they ever thought was possible for themselves. She supports clients in actualizing desired change through her expertise in motivation, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and solution-focused coaching.

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Beth's Services: Financial Education and Coaching, Mindfulness Training, Facilitation

Beth Crittenden enjoys working within the broad spectrum of practical/factual to emotional/energetic (i.e. spreadsheets to empathic listening; P & L reports to identifying and practicing healthy boundaries; data analysis to deep, clarifying conversations). She brings training and experience in Somatic Psychology, bookkeeping, small business consulting, coaching and communication support for individuals and partners, group facilitation, workshop delivery, Profit First Professionals, mediation, and mindfulness practice (including tennis, which continues to provide her patience and humility!).

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Dana's Services: Executive Coaching, Mindfulness Training, Wilderness Retreats

A trusted leadership advisor, Dana Menlove works with high performers exploring human potential at the intersection of awareness, peak performance and societal impact. Her work bridges the leading edge of neuroscience and ancient contemplative tradition and is in service of raising consciousness and authenticity by deep integration of inner and outer life. Dana helps her clients focus, reveal insight, remove blocks and uncover clarity and compassion while maintaining competitive edge. In addition to ongoing work with individuals and small groups, Dana guides retreats in wild places, including an invitation-only Conscious Leaders Retreat at a pristine lodge on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River deep in Idaho wilderness. Her university degrees are in literature and her professional experience spans from raising and releasing peregrine falcons on a remote mountaintop to advising in high-level political circles and corporate business settings to naturalist guiding and meditation retreats in wilderness, where getting to the heart of things comes spontaneously.

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Services: TBA

New member TBA.

Jen's Services: Corporate Yoga & Workplace Wellness Programs

Jen Burk Reynolds designs and executes on-site corporate yoga programs that complement organizations' in-house workplace wellness initiatives. Jen works with organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area that seek to increase overall employee engagement, employee job satisfaction, and the development of a mindful, emotionally intelligent workplace.

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Jim's Services: Sales Teams, Leadership Resilience, Corporate Presence

Jim Schaffer is a mindfulness trainer and consultant who has had a decades-long career in the corporate world, primarily in advertising and market research. He has been conducting workshops and speaking on mindfulness in business since 1990. Jim helps organizations and leaders develop the ability to see things clearly, focus on getting results, and maintain high morale & deep resilience, regardless of what is going on around them. He has been a featured speaker at the Boston Whole Health Expo and the Babson College International Symposium on Business and Spirituality. Jim lives with his wife in the Boston area.

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Julie's Services: Production Floor, Leadership Training, Wellness Programs

Julie Fraser

Julie Fraser is a change leader who helps clients create environments where all people can flourish. She does this by creating safe, supportive and business-appropriate mindful experiential learning programs for leaders and their teams. Julie explains and delivers opportunities to experience the benefits of mindfulness plus effective collaboration, communication and performance coaching. A meditation and certified yoga teacher, she also guides moving mindfully, taking pauses in the workday to regain energy, calm and focus. Her company Present Source offers programs to guide clients to better communication, productivity, focus, innovation, influence, teamwork, and employee engagement.

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Megan's Services: Nutrition Coaching, Mindful Eating, Wellness Programs

Megan Barnett works as an educator and coach facilitating the incorporation of healthy behaviors into her clients’ daily lives using nutrition, lifestyle, and mindful eating to promote overall wellness and optimal functioning. Megan has a BS in Dietetics from Kansas State University, is a certified yoga instructor and is currently completing a Master's degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine at University of Western States in Portland, Oregon.

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Pete's Services: Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Yoga and Meditation Instruction

Pete Chandonnet brings over 13 years of experience as a leadership coach, yoga and mindfulness instructor. He assists individuals to be their best selves and to do their best work, thus thriving in all areas of their life including their work. Prior to coaching, Pete spent 12 years working in leadership development and experiential education. Pete has advanced Falling Awake coaching training, as well as an MS from University of Michigan and a BA in Economics and Political Science from University of Richmond.

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