"6 Ways To Promote Employee Self-Care"

Photo by Daniel Xavier on Pexels
Photo by Daniel Xavier on Pexels

As a new business owner, you have many responsibilities and concerns, including the well-being of your employees. An essential part of being an effective boss is encouraging self-care among your employees so that they can focus on work and be as productive as possible. Here are six ways to promote employee self-care in your workplace.


Provide Ergonomics

Office ergonomics create an environment where employees thrive, are more productive, and feel comfortable. Ensure desk chairs offer good back support and armrests to ease some of the body’s strain.

Flexible Schedules

Workers who are allowed flexibility have a better self-perceived health status. The ability to work from home is more than just a perk; it’s an investment in employee well-being. But allowing remote work doesn’t mean you can ignore your team members. Encourage regular check-ins and conversations about goals, so you can keep track of how things are going.


Exercise Programs at Work

Giving employees fitness perks improves employee health and productivity and helps reduce absences, increases morale, and fosters camaraderie. Investing in exercise programs is a low-cost way to keep employees healthy, and they’ll be more productive and less likely to leave your organization.


Encourage your employees to join a group fitness class at your office location. Let employees know they can get free (or discounted) classes with their employee wellness benefits. Whether it’s yoga, Zumba, or kickboxing, physical activity boosts morale and well-being. Your workplace can provide an encouraging environment for novices who may be self-conscious about working out in front of others.


Recognize Accomplishments

Celebrating wins, big and small, not only encourages your employees but also tells them they’re valued. These small gestures make a difference in employee retention, morale, and motivation. Take time to recognize accomplishments at team meetings or offer personal notes for a job well done or going above and beyond. It’s a simple act that can impact your culture and keep it thriving.


Stress Management and Mindfulness

Mindfulness can reduce anxiety and stress. There are many options for mindfulness training, including listening to guided meditations and taking part in breathing exercises. Companies, such as Headspace, offer free resources on their websites. The idea is simple: if employees feel less stressed, they’ll do better work.


Healthy and Fun Workplace Events

You may even want to consider hosting an event for your team — employees always enjoy fun and friendly competition. As you consider workplace events, remember that a healthy body also contributes to a healthy mind. For example, companies can host yoga classes, bring in massage therapists and chiropractors, and plan field trips to ensure employees are staying active. To help workers de-stress and remain productive, encourage activities such as baking with coworkers, playing golf or volleyball at lunchtime, and taking breaks outside. The idea is that people want to be happy at work, so do what you can to offer opportunities.


Well-Being and Productivity

Building a company culture where employees are encouraged to take time for themselves and prioritize self-care is crucial for ensuring well-being and productivity. These six strategies foster employee wellness, so start incorporating them into your business today.


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Dylan Foster is a writer at Health Well Wise. When he isn’t working as an office assistant, he enjoys DIY projects at home and hiking with his dog.

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