Workplace Mindfulness Training Series

Mindfulness Trainings for Developing Team Excellence

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc’s  Workplace Mindfulness Training Series (WMTS) is the best way to establish new workplace mindfulness habits and mores for your team and organization. Sustainable benefits result from consistent and intentional practice of mindfulness-informed sensibilities, and our Workplace Mindfulness Training Series  creates the conditions for a shared understanding of mindfulness, it’s benefits, and accessible practices that your team can easily apply within your evolving company culture.


MLMW’s Workplace Mindfulness Training Series  consists of six trainings (delivered remotely) that provide your team with a deeper understanding of mindfulness and its workplace applications. The series begins with the Introduction to Mindfulness Training (which is a prerequisite for the other five trainings) and then builds on that foundation by addressing specific topics like mindfulness for communication, stress, team performance, emotional intelligence, and mindful leadership.


The WMTS Training Segments

  1. MINDFULNESS – Introduction to Mindfulness: General Introduction
  2. SELF-AWARENESS – Resourcing Myself with Mindfulness: Stress, Emotions, Body, Self-Care
  3. SELF-MANAGEMENT – Mindful Relationships: Communicating with Colleagues and Clients
  4. MOTIVATION – Focus & Productivity: Intention, Planning, Execution
  5. EMPATHY - Team Performance: Adaptability, Innovation, Collaboration
  6. LEADERSHIP - Mindful Leadership: Finding Deeper Alignment, Motivation and Meaning



NOTE: Following our introductory training, your company is welcome to choose one or more trainings as you best see fit. However, keep in mind that our best rate per workshop is to purchase the entire six trainings as a package.

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