Mindful Team Building: Team Alignment via Social Connection

Increase Team Performance and Productivity via Healthy Interpersonal Relationships

Teams that have members that connect personally perform better... period. Our Social Connection Training sessions are designed to support team members in better knowing each other within the context of their working relationship. With working environments in constant fluctuation (on-site, remote, hybrid), it's crucial that team members get to know each other personally in order to grow their overall accountability to each other.


At Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. we train and teach teams how to build relationships that ultimately help them achieve the bottom-line results your company seeks, while simultaneously inspiring each individual to greater engagement and overall job satisfaction.


Most teams and team members loose interest when they don't feel like they are growing and becoming better at what they do... most employees report lack of training, professional development, and not feeling connected to their coworkers as primary reasons for leaving their employer. Conversely, when team members are connected to each other and are performing their best, they stay for the ongoing growth, team cohesiveness, and personal relationships.

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