Significantly Reduce Your Company's Operating Expenses

Cost Cutting is a current trend amongst companies worldwide. Business operating expenses are prime sources for revenue leakage for a variety of reasons including necessity and lack of profitability. With limited or no formal training available, many companies struggle to manage the variable costs and complex billing arrangements associated with all sorts of operating expenses. The fragmented handling of these services between IT, Facilities, Accounting, Procurement and Finance departments creates significant opportunities for inefficiencies and waste.


Network Mapping Associates Inc. leverages industry expertise and best-practices for a comprehensive and holistic approach to systematically lower a company's operating expenses with no money upfront and little effort.


Our Agreement, a few documents and less than 60 minutes of your time are the simple requirements for this program. An offsite assessment is performed in less than 90 days to document the cost cutting and refund claims we find. There will be refunds and cost reductions that may be small or may exceed 50% annual savings for hard dollar savings. The streamlining of the environment and processes will create savings that cannot be easily quantified. From start to finish, NMA’s team works to refine and deploy the best solutions for our Clients.


Contact Mindful Life, Mindful Work to learn about how easy it is to significantly lower your company's operating expenses.