Thursday Mindful Thoughts (TMT) Videos

THURSDAY MINDFUL THOUGHTS (TMT) is a video series featuring authors' works that inspire MLMW's team members, and is offered both as a way to support the further development of mindful companies, teams, and professionals; and also as a way to help good work gain additional exposure. Below is a featured selection of our TMT videos... others can be viewed by following our YouTube Channel found to the right.

NOTE & DISCLAIMER: Our TMT readings are an acknowledgment of the gratitude we feel towards featured authors for their fine work, and thus these videos are offered in the spirit of a 'positive review' in the hopes that others will find the authors' works of some value. If any author we feature prefers that we not read a brief (all videos will be approximately 1-minute in duration) excerpt from their work, please let us know and we will remove the video from MLMW's YouTube channel. We will also attempt to tag each author whenever possible.

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