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"Jim has designed a phenomenal workshop that completely refocused our customer facing teams (sales, customer success and support) on how applying mindfulness techniques at work can help them achieve greater effectiveness in their roles. Working at a fast-growing tech start-up means juggling many things all at once, and through Jim’s “Path to Mastery” workshop, we learned how taking a more mindful approach to your work can lead to greater satisfaction and joy. I highly recommend working with Jim to introduce these concepts to your team!"

--Anna Cockell, Head of Enablement at Envoy


"In our work together, I was able to explicitly identify my personal values and my guiding principles as an organizational leader. We worked extensively on communication, with a particular emphasis on relational components that define the next generation of organizational leaders. I also appreciated the nuances of the creative processes I was introduced to, redefining my focal points and generating a sense of “room” and space. These sessions not only renewed my energy for my day to day tasks, but provided a blueprint for moving my career forward. The results were immediately tangible and my colleagues have embraced the new sense of purpose and connection I bring to our workplace. For those that want to go deeper, to transcend the boundaries between your work and your life, I highly recommend Mindful Life, Mindful Work. Where attention goes, energy flows."

-- Craig, Senior Scientist, San Francisco Bay Area


"I have been working with Jonathan for over two years. Jonathan has been a paradigm shifter for my senior management team and myself - his acute listening skills, pertinent questions, and insightful advice has been invaluable. He has helped to increase my happiness along with company efficiencies and profitability. As a senior executive, there are few discrete people I can turn to for personal or work advice. Jonathan and I have worked on life skills, work-life-balance, long-term company strategy and implementation, personal and company goals and objectives. The juxtaposition of being able to work on personal and company goals & objectives is rare enough to find, let alone finding someone who's passion, education and experience is matched by his unparalleled results. I have seen positive changes in the self confidence and problem solving skills of my senior staff. We are indebted to Jonathan and thankful for being able to find him!"

--Benjamin, CEO, San Francisco Bay Area


"Jim Schaffer's training is beyond technique. It has provided my staff with tools that can really help them in an atmosphere of constant change and incredible levels of stress."

--Jonn, CEO, Philadelphia, PA


"I started working with Jonathan because I felt a big and growing gap between my historical sense of "work self" and where I felt like I should be going next. After years of trying, including lots of stops and false-starts, I had arrived at a daily yoga and meditation practice, which was putting an intense focus on this gap I felt. The gap felt like a chorus of competing voices in my head, each getting louder by the week, and I really wanted someone to learn from, bounce ideas off of, and ultimately bring me some new perspective on all these thoughts and options I was weighing. And importantly, I wanted someone who would bring a mindful approach to the conversation. The good news: Jonathan is pretty much exactly who I was looking for :) He's very skilled at listening, plucking out insights and blind spots, and then leading you through a conversation to a new place of understanding. We did this over and over in our weekly calls. I learned a ton about myself, as well as how to relate better to folks at work and my family/friends too. This has given me a deeper sense of empathy for everything, and I'm very grateful. I wish we had spoken 10 years earlier! I highly recommend working with Jonathan."

--Scott, Vice President Product Management, San Francisco Bay Area


"I reached out to Jonathan as I was new to the Bay Area and was looking for insight into local business culture and networking/career positioning strategies. Jonathan encouraged me to look at my interactions with others more holistically, on both a professional and personal level. I feel like I learned so much more about myself in my sessions with Jonathan than I ever expected. He is the consummate professional, kind, thought-provoking and so generous in spirit. I looked forward to my weekly sessions with him and hope that I have the opportunity to work once more with Jonathan."

--Renee, Chief Financial Officer, San Francisco Bay Area


"Jen Burk Reynolds has been providing (much needed) yoga classes at my office for more than a decade. She was my first teacher and opened my eyes to the practice of yoga and the benefits of taking time out of the busy workday to slow down. We generally have twice weekly sessions with Jen, and I must say that those days are typically my most anticipated and most productive! She is positive and motivating without pushing, and has been a great teacher to me over the years. I would absolutely recommend hiring Jen to bring a little bit of zen into any workplace environment."

--Karman, Managing Associate, San Francisco, CA


"Nichole Proffitt's mindfulness class was life-giving for me, not only because of the power of mindfulness but also because of her wisdom, warmth and gentle guidance. I can't express how important this class was to me and how remarkably elegant I thought her instruction was. I am thankful for starting my mindfulness journey off  strongly - I now look forward to many years  of deepening practice."

--Lucy, UCSF Mindfulness Student, San Francisco, CA


"I've been working with Mindful Life, Mindful Work  for about 5 months. Initially, I reached out looking for a career coach as I wanted to figure out the best next move for me professionally and how to align it with my personal goals. It has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to our sessions each week. Jonathan has helped me to focus and prioritize my goals, develop and connect to my personal mission, and better define my leadership style as I look to move up in my industry. I think regardless of where you are in your current work -- just getting started on something new, transitioning, or looking to move from good to great in your current role -- Mindful Life, Mindful Work is a great resource for you. I can't recommend Jonathan highly enough."

--Laura, Director of Corporate Social Impact, San Francisco Bay Area


"Just when I thought there were no new ideas... along comes Jim Schaffer... and, even better, it turns out your new ideas are thousands of years old!"

--Rob, Strategic Accounts Director, New York City


"I have practiced yoga with Jen Burk Reynolds every week for almost three years. I also recently went on a yoga retreat she taught in Tulum, Mexico. I cannot speak highly enough of Jen's skill as a yoga instructor. My body has transformed under her guidance. I am almost 60 and I feel stronger and more pain free than probably any other time in the past 40 years. I highly recommend working with her, whether through a studio, bringing her into your workplace (which we do twice a week), privately, or on retreat."

--Deena, Attorney, San Francisco, CA


"I was interviewing for some executive roles so my initial objective was to identify appropriate content and context to focus on in those conversations and present them properly. As we started the journey, we realized that there are some basic principles that were driving my decisions and choices in my life and career. Jonathan did a Values exercise with me to figure out my core values. It has greatly helped me prepare myself for meetings and interviews as well as think from a different vantage point. Jonathan is a thought-provoking, collaborative, and effective coach with a pleasant personality. I would certainly recommend him for coaching and mentoring."

--Pankaj, Product Director, San Francisco, CA


"Jonathan had a way of pulling deep, thought provoking questions out of our conversations. I would leave the session with pages of notes. He would always leave me with an intention for the week and helped me work through some challenging situations at work. I look forward to working with him again soon!"

--Darryl, Executive Vice President, Oakland, CA


"With Nichole I am able to learn and grow my meditation practice in ways that are tied to my actual experience. She has helped me develop tools for navigating the most challenging time in my life in ways that I would not have thought possible. She is flexible  and responsive  to what is  going on, brings deep knowledge, experience, and compassion to the work. Her openness about her own meditation experience  and struggles really demystifies the process and makes it easier to step into."

--Susan, Philanthropist and Private Mindfulness/Meditation Student, San Francisco, CA


"As an experienced coach, I took my time to choose the coach I wanted to work with and found in Jonathan the quality of presence, attention, care and stimulation I was looking for. I felt that Jonathan connected with who I truly am, and his warmth and embodied awareness made me feel supported, encouraged, appreciated such that I was able to dare to dream a bigger and bolder dream for myself. As a business owner and developer, I appreciated greatly Jonathan's confidence and interest in understanding what is important for me in my life and in my work. Jonathan embodies mindfulness so genuinely that I found myself thinking and questioning with greater clarity and depth. In addition, it was a pleasure."

--Hedy, Executive Coach & Consultant, Paris, France


"At the beginning of my journey with Jonathan, I had four clear objectives. Not only did Jonathan provide me with thoughtful resources, direction and coaching in each area, he guided me to achieve so much more. My perception of what is required to achieve a successful, productive, satisfying career has shifted as a result of my time working with Jonathan. It is now not rooted in simply answering those initial questions. Rather, through Jonathan’s collaborative approach, my mindset and, as a result, my confidence and belief in myself has both grown and developed. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have learned from and worked with Jonathan and would not only recommend his services but also hope to work with him again in the future."

--Nick, Head of Retail, San Francisco, CA


"Jonathan is very pleasant to work with. He is inspiring and encouraging, and an excellent listener knowledgeable in many subjects. I feel like I have both a friend and a counselor in him. My coaching has built my confidence, and his challenges and suggestions are always of great value."

--Noel, Senior Software Developer, Greater Boston Area


"Jonathan is amazing as a business coach! He has truly changed my approach to business in a powerful, meaningful and profitable way! I would highly recommend him to executives, entrepreneurs -- anyone looking for fresh meaningful business guidance and insight!"

--DeeDee, Business Owner, Mill Valley, CA


"I highly recommend Jonathan Reynolds for executive and business coaching. Jonathan's ease of being and skillful questions invite opening to deeper undercurrents at play. His kind, intelligent curiosity and refined attention models what leaders would do well to embody and I looked forward to each session in anticipation of learning more about myself -- even the parts I've actively avoided seeing in the past. Jonathan is a wise, compassionate and deep listener. He is efficient and grounded in approach. His coaching has positively impacted my ability to see clearly and make adjustments accordingly -- leading the change necessary for continued growth and opportunity within myself as well as my business."

--Dana, Executive Coach, Boise, ID


"It's difficult to ever feel like I've said enough good things about Jonathan; in our working together for almost a year, my competence and ability to weather major transitions in both my personal and professional life has increased dramatically. Providing both work- and life-coaching through asking questions I've not encountered before, as well as consistently having examples of philosophies to enable my own growth & endure through trying situations, Jonathan has made my experience with Mindful Life, Mindful Work nothing short of gratifying and fulfilling."

--Catherine, Business Development Associate, Palo Alto, CA


"I had the distinct pleasure to work with Jonathan on a project last year, a planned support infrastructure for the legal world. Jonathan's thoughtful and even handed suggestions helped us make conscientious decisions. He brought the diverse group together and guided us forward, helping us to see the hidden things in our grand plans. I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

--Euan, Director of Operations, El Cerrito, CA


"Jonathan listens deeply - you feel his groundedness right away - and he responds thoughtfully. He is able to distill a lot of information into simple and succinct insights. He is patient and compassionate: he understands that growth can be challenging, uncomfortable, even disorienting. He does not recoil from anger, frustration, disappointment. I've learned a lot, and gained a lot from our work together. I highly recommend him."

--Steven, Film Composer, Berkeley, CA


"Nichole Proffitt is such a breath of fresh air. She brings thoughtfulness and a sense of wonder to the families and young adults  we serve. She facilitates in a very 'outside the box' sort of way... she is dedicated to helping families see their positive qualities, appreciate what is different about each other, develop new tools and restore ease and well being in the family system. She brings a sense of grounding and calm to our program, and we have been so lucky to work with her."

--Lisa, Director of Outpatient Family Program, Marin County, CA


"Jonathan Reynolds has been instrumental in helping me leverage my 30+ years experience in technology following my former company’s buyout offer. He’s very personable, authentic and adept at making me feel that he’s totally invested in my success. Through our conversations, I’ve discovered so many new options for my skills than were apparent using other coaching programs."

--Jeff, Principal Systems Engineer, Fort Worth, TX


"Jonathan is an excellent listener, took inventory of the many different angles of my professional life, and offered concrete solutions to help me take steps in a forward and committed direction. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who is looking for general guidance, for support identifying potential opportunities, or for those seeking to design a strategic plan for continued success."

--Elliott, Sales & Marketing Professional, San Francisco, CA


"I have been on the fence about whether to dive in head first on a new career path and Jonathan’s authentic & mindful approach helped me see more clearly that I was in fact already on the path to something bigger, and that I just needed to be patient and take the next indicated step towards my life’s purpose. His guidance came at the right time and helped solidify confidence in myself.”

--Kevin, Technology Program Manager, Anaheim, CA


"After 20 years of government service, raising kids and keeping a household and marriage together, I found myself fatigued and uncertain of my capacity to serve in new and more demanding roles on my career horizon. With tremendous clarity and humor Jonathan has guided me along the next phase of my journey, on the path to greater awareness and self-realization. His coaching created space for me to bring together the seemingly disparate parts of my personal and professional life so they could be revealed and experienced in ways I could not imagine. Then, with much compassion and wisdom, he opened up opportunities for truth, integration, and greater ease to emerge. As a direct result of Jonathan's coaching, I am prepared to enter into the next phase of my career with more grace and the knowing that I have what it takes."

--Dawn, Assistant Director, Portland, OR

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