The Mindful Company Training Program: Multi-Tier Development

Aligning Your Company's Inward and Outward-Facing Efforts for Optimal Performance

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  most extensive company training program consists of a series of staggered leader and team-directed trainings, ongoing practice groups, and one-on-one leadership development support. Working with the MLMW, Inc.  team will help your company recommit and readjust your growth efforts regardless of your current company size, the existence of any prevailing limitations, or your current stage of transition and development.


The Mindful Company Training Program (TMCTP)  will be tailored to meet your company's areas of greatest need, and will focus in general on maximizing the performance and coordination of leadership initiatives and team productivity. Great teams, leaders, and companies don't just happen by accident, they are designed, nurtured, and created intentionally. Once designed, the design must be implemented and 'practiced' in an ongoing and meaningful way over time, in a way that each team member feels a connection, responsibility, and sense of pride in helping to grow their company's contribution to making people's lives better in some way.


When designed well and supported consistently, leaders, teams, and employees can clearly connect their own personal purpose with the goals of the organization. This is essential if an organization hopes to achieve lasting success. Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  team coaches and trains leaders, teams, and employees to achieve a mindful mindset in both their individual and collective efforts. Below are segments TMCTP can address during our time working together.



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