Creating a Mindful High Performing Workplace Culture

Assessing and Cultivating Organizational Alignment and Sustainable Success

Great teams, organizations, and workplaces don't just happen by accident, they are designed and created intentionally. Once designed, the design must be implemented and 'practiced' in an ongoing and meaningful way, in a way that each team member feels a connection, responsibility, and sense of pride in helping to nurture the continued growth of their company's workplace culture and the overall success of the organization. When designed well and supported consistently, leaders, teams, and employees can clearly connect their own personal purpose with the goals of the organization. This is essential if an organization hopes to achieve lasting success.


Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. coaches and trains leaders, teams, and employees to achieve mindful high performing organizations and workplace cultures. Take the MLMW Mindful Organization & Workplace Assessment (MOWA) below to being the process of seeing how your organization is performing when it comes to being a truly mindful organization.

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