Mindfulness Services: Awaken Greater Workplace Engagement

Designing Mindful Work via Trainings, Keynotes, Special Events and Ongoing Practice

At Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.  we teach accessible and applicable mindfulness tools that result in calmer, more focused, and more productive teams. If your team is stressed out, losing focus, or consistently feeling overwhelmed, mindfulness can help alleviate the majority of these ailments. Even one minute a day can build the skills of calm, focus, and clarity over time.


The MLMW team offers practical, workplace-appropriate mindfulness strategies to reduce workplace stress and to increase team engagement. All of our coaches have personal real-world experience bringing mindfulness into their own lives and into diverse workplaces. We have found mindfulness to be so beneficial in our own lives and work that we are committed to sharing it with others experiencing similar challenges.


Below are services that help create a mindful workplace culture:


Contact us to discuss how the skills of present-moment attention can boost engagement, performances, and productivity for your team and organization.

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