Corporate Trainings: Leadership Development & Ongoing Coaching

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Coach2Lead Performance Coaching Program
Coach2Lead is a 14-week leadership development training that is delivered remotely. This blended learning program trains leaders in the essential leadership skill of coaching. The training can also include team coaching sessions and one-one-one coaching for leaders and their employees.
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Corporate Mindfulness Training Sample
Sample of a mindfulness training for employees, managers, and organizations. The training consists of daylong workshops, follow-up coaching, meditation instruction if desired, and/or consulting sessions. Jonathan Reynolds offers this training in partnership with Jim Shaffer - Jim leads the onsite daylong workshops and Jonathan leads the phone-based coaching and/or meditation elements.
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The Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO Model)
"Most leading organizations invest in growing some of their people, via supports outside the flow of the normal workday—e.g., executive coaching, high-potential programs, mentoring, and leadership development. A new breed of company, however, is committed to development for all, creating immersive cultures for continuous individual growth as the necessary means of achieving superior business results." (Text taken from abstract)
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