Mindfulness Consulting and Leadership Trainings

Integrating Mindfulness for Optimal Performance and Outcomes

Mindful Life, Mindful Work works with owners, leaders, and organizations wanting to integrate mindfulness sensibilities and practices into the very fabric of their business structure, including their in-house policies, their customer relations, and their relationships with other organizations and professionals. Generally speaking, MLMW's corporate consulting and coaching work focuses on these areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Culture
  • Generating New Business
  • Employee Productivity


Below are listed 'Degrees of Involvement' that we have found useful, each of which is dependent upon your organization's need for our services:

  • Deliver Leadership Development Training within your organization (see Coach2Lead as one example). This arrangement involves one or more members of our team entering your organization as contractors focused on leadership development, program design, and/or implementation. This option often includes coaching for multiple team members. Target timeline minimum is three months, but can extend indefinitely.
    Sample Mindfulness Training

  • As a business coach to either one of your central figures (founder, owner, CEO) or to some other key person implementing a new effort (perhaps another coach, for instance). Timeline typically ranges anywhere from three months to ongoing.

  • As expert mindfulness consultants. Depending upon your company's needs, establishing a consulting relationship begins with an initial conversation around your desired outcomes. We've chosen a retainer-based relationship for our clients, as this arrangement has served their needs most effectively over the long run.  Contact us to explore how our services can help you realize your vision for growth.


With changing customer demands, increased competition and a new generation of workers, you must create an environment where associates feel empowered to take action, take risks, and cooperate and collaborate with others to accomplish mission critical objectives. Leaders need to transform from being a “Manager” to being a “Coach”. Invest two hours a week for fourteen weeks in the Coach2Lead blended learning program and you will embed the essential leadership skill of coaching. This program can also include one-one-one coaching for leaders, their employees, or both.  View Coach2Lead Overview