Mindful Peer Learning Groups (MPLG)

Facilitated and Ongoing Peer Learning Consultations

Mindful Peer Learning Groups (MPLG) are facilitated and ongoing groups consisting of a curated collection of ten (10) or less professionals having a common interest related to each group's theme. If invited to participate in a group, new members will attend one complimentary session and then decide if they'd like to commit to twelve (12) consecutive sessions. Sessions are ninety (90) minutes in duration and occur twice per month via group video. For each session, participants will share a current challenge, and the group votes on which issue/peer will be the focus for that session (group format may differ slightly based on group leader, but each will roughly follow our Co-Dev Group format noted below). Each session focuses on the chosen issue in six distinct stages:


1) Exposition – sharing of issue

2) Clarification – issue better understood via group questions

3) Contract – confirmation of the issue’s nuances

4) Consultation – peers share experience moving similar issues

5) Action Plan – action plan developed, including check-in partner

6) Key Takeaways – most important learning points summarized 



  1. Mindful Leadership for Corporate Leaders
    Leading from Wisdom, Compassion, and Skillful Decision-Making in Complex and Changing Environments
    Led by Jonathan Reynolds | Day & Time TBD

  2. Mindful Sales & Service
    Corporate Sales, Client Success, Pre-and-Post Tech Support, Management, and Client-Facing Roles
    Led by Jim Schaffer | Day & Time TBD

  3. Providers of Mindful Services
    A group for professionals who provide mindful and mindfully-informed services to further develop their work
    Led by Jonathan Reynolds | Day & Time TBD



  • Ongoing/Rolling Group Format
  • Arrive on time; turn off and set aside all potential distractions
  • 12 Consecutive Group Video Sessions (90min.); occurring twice monthly
  • Space is Limited; 10 maximum participants per group
  • Group Facilitators: MLMW Team Members

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