Mindful Consulting and Mentoring: Learning from Experience

Receive Expert Guidance and Support in Alignment with Your Professional Goals

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. offers consulting and mentoring services to individuals seeking expert council in various workplace situations and environments. The MLMW Team works with individuals to advise them on how to make their businesses and work more effective through applying mindfulness-related sensibilities. Mentorship is an important part of growing personally and professionally, and for those of us that at times feel we are working in isolation, we often do not get sufficient support from our experienced colleagues. Mindful Consulting and Mentoring is designed to be a seamless response to this gap in the professional development... getting another perspective is sometimes all we need to take our work to the next level.


Increase the effectiveness of your work by partnering with an MLMW Mentor who will advise you on how to implement mindfulness principles and practices designed to make your business and work more impactful, profitable, and sustainable.

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