The Business of Mindful Services Training

An 8-Week Training for Providers of Mindful Services

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc’s  The Business of Mindful Services (TBMS) training is designed to help mindful service providers further develop and position their work for increased market engagement. The 8-week training, think tank, and peer learning experience is focused on strategies that help mindful services providers leverage their work's value. In addition to new ideas, content, and strategies, the training will be an opportunity to meet and learn from others in the field, and thus the training will be a fertile environment for potential alliances and partnerships.


TBMS consists of eight 90-minute group sessions (delivered remotely) that will be a combination of presentation, discussion, and Q&A. Generally speaking, attendee interest will guide much of what we cover. That said, the below segments will be used as our leaping-off touch points.


TBMS Training Segments

  1. Looking Inward: Professional Value Mirrors Personal Values
  2. Leaning into the Future: A Visual Professional Vision
  3. Mindful Services: Design, Language, Positioning Value
  4. Maximizing Resources: Asserting Professional Value in Relationships
  5. Subtle Communication: Everything is a Negotiation
  6. Growth Mindset: Applications to Self & Others
  7. Infinite Opportunity: Mindfulness, Presence, Empowerment, Scale, Influence
  8. Ongoing Practice: Growth, Actions, Professional Hygiene, Endless Practice


Training Logistics

  • Where: Remote Video Conferencing via Zoom (Link shared upon registration)
  • When: 8-Weekly Sessions on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30pm PST
  • Next Dates: October - November, 2022
  • Facilitator: Jonathan Reynolds
  • Cost: $3,850
  • Registration: Schedule informational call with Jonathan using link below
    (2021 Registration is Closed)

*Space is Limited.

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