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Attendee Map | Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. Events | Professionals from 95+ Countries as of 5/22/22
Attendee Map | Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. Events | Professionals from 95+ Countries as of 5/22/22

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc. invites you to participate in our Mindful Leaders Networking Events (MLNE). Each event has a combination of the following: mindfulness practice; introduction of a topic related to living, working, or leading mindfully; breakout discussions; networking with others.


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MLNE LinkedIn Group: If you'd like to network with other mindful leaders before or after our Mindful Leaders Networking Events,  we've established a LinkedIn Group for you to do so... use this button to join the conversation.

Follow MLMW's Events
Follow MLMW's Events

2023 Begin Again: Mindful Leaders Networking Event

Date: Tuesday, January 17th, 5:00-6:30pm PST
Location: Online - Zoom Link emailed prior to event
Discussion Topic: Various Topics Related to Mindful Work, Mindful Leadership and Applications

Online Format: 10min Mindfulness Practice; Introduction of Topic on Mindful Working/Leading; Breakout Groups
NEW COUNTRY ATTENDEES: If you reside in a country not represented by an 'attendance dot' on the map above, you are invited to register as MLMW's guest by using this 'promo code' at checkout: mlmwguest-new-country-attendee

EARN A COMPLIMENTARY TICKET: For those who would like to earn a complimentary ticket to this event, you can do so by completing MLMW's Mindful Organization & Workplace Assessment (MOWA). Following completion of the MOWA, send us an email containing identifying information from your completed submission to receive your ticket.

ARRIVAL: If you arrive late to the event, we may already be in breakout rooms and thus no one will be in the 'main' Zoom feed. Please wait there, as we'll return from breakouts in under fifteen (15) minutes.

NOTE: MLMW does not offer Tech Support for our events. Any difficulties that arise in accessing our events are the sole responsibility of attendees; all tech-related inquiries should be directed to the EventBrite platform's website. We believe it to be helpful to register for the EventBrite event with the same email in which you have a Zoom account.
Cost: $10 USD (No refunds for any reason, including those resulting from technology difficulties in accessing event)

Event Presented By: Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc.

Mindful Leaders Networking Events

Note: Event is open to both those experienced and those new to mindful approaches to leading projects, teams, and organizations. No previous mindfulness experience is necessary, but we do ask that attendees have a general curiosity about how mindful approaches can be made more applicable and accessible within work contexts.


Event Description: The Mindful Leaders Networking Event  is an opportunity for all leaders to meet and to discuss how best to develop their efforts towards leading with intention. We are beginning these events in the San Francisco Bay Area, and ultimately intend to extend these offerings to other cities and regions. We look forward to learning how each of you practices the art of leading mindfully!


What to Bring: Business Cards to Share; Notebook/Pen if you want to record thoughts, etc. For online groups bring a link to share (your LinkedIn profile and/or website).


Regional Affiliate Partnerships: If you have an extensive network, are passionate about growing a worldwide community of mindful leaders, and would like to earn modest commissions, email us to learn more.


Sponsors: Sponsorship can take several forms, the most common being offering your venue for one of our events. Other expressions of sponsorship can include catering an event, event marketing assistance, offering an item or service for raffle, or offering other complementary services that can help make our events exceptional for attendees. We're open to hearing how you'd like to contribute to our efforts.

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