MLMW's Ongoing Mindful Practice Community

Developing a Mindful Approach with Like-Minded Professionals

Below are listed Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc’s  complimentary ongoing opportunities to engage and connect with our growing practice community of mindful professionals worldwide. 


Mindful Teamwork Mondays (MTM)

Description: Prompts, discussion, and Q&A on working mindfully in team settings.

Most Mondays: 11:00-11:15am PST (Starts 7/12/21)

Platform: Twitter Chats

Format: Prompt questions will be designated Q1, Q2, Q3... respond with corresponding A1, A2, A3, etc.

Facilitator(s): MLMW Team Members

Hashtag: #MLMWmindfulteamwork (use on all Tweets and cross-platform posts related to MTM)

Tune Up Tuesdays (TUT)

Description: Mindfulness practice for professionals wanting to integrate mindful approaches into their lives and work.

Most Tuesdays: 11:00-11:15am PST (Starts 6/15/21)

Platform: Instagram Live

Format: 10-minutes of guided mindfulness practice followed by suggested applications.

Facilitator(s): MLMW Team Members

Hashtag: #MLMWtuneup (use for cross-platform posts related to TUT)

Moment to Moment Mindfulness Discussions (M2M) - Wednesdays

Description: Bring mindful awareness to your work and play to increase your overall joy and effectiveness.

Every Other Wednesday: 4:00-4:30pm PST (Starts 6/16/21)

Platform: Zoom Video Call ~ Register for M2M Here

Format: Interactive mindful practice discussions on topics relevant to those in attendance.

Facilitator(s): George Pitagorsky

Hashtag: #MLMWmoment2moment (use for cross-platform posts related to M2M)

Thoughtful Work Thursdays (TWT)

Description: Q&A relating to practicing mindful work in various professional contexts.

Most Thursdays: 11:00-11:15am PST (Starts 7/22/21)

Platform: YouTube Go Live

Format: Live stream responses to written questions from viewers.

Facilitator(s): Jonathan Reynolds

Hashtag: #MLMWthoughtfulwork (use for cross-platform posts related to TWT)

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