Mindful Networking Events Annual Calendar

Yearly Events that Convene a Network of Mindful Leaders

Below are listed Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc’s  recurring networking events, including the approximate time of year they will each take place. For specific details related to our upcoming networking events, visit the Mindful Leaders Networking Events (MLNE) main page.


  1. FEBRUARY: Q1 Mindful Strategy Conversations (MSC)
  2. MARCH: Spring Equinox Mindful Leaders Networking Event (MLNE)
  3. MAY: Q2 Mindful Strategy Conversations (MSC)
  4. SEPTEMBER: Fall Equinox Mindful Leaders Networking Event (MLNE)
  5. NOVEMBER: Q4 Mindful Strategy Conversations (MSC)
  6. DECEMBER: Winter Solstice Mindful Leaders Networking Event (MLNE)

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