Leadership Development Coaching: Vision to Implementation

Coaching Aimed at Developing Leadership Style, Effectiveness, and Team Performance

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  Leadership Development Coaching consists of weekly calls that explore the themes relevant to all leaders of teams. Sessions are highly individualized and no two leadership coaching engagements look alike. We create a space for leaders to dedicate themselves to their own and to their team's development and performance. For sample outcomes from MLMW's  leadership development coaching work, see below.


  • Career healthcare salesperson designed and launched multi-million dollar business.
  • Mid-career head of personnel at a tech company clarified leadership style, value and increased income 33%.
  • Career tech professional in retail market stepped into bigger leadership conversations, increased income 66%.
  • Leadership team in real estate clarified vision, building out infrastructure, systems, and protocols to reduce frustration and retain their best people.
  • Chief of staff at multi-national company learned to maximize the performance of her personnel.
  • Senior scientist in biotech learned to position his expertise to achieve vertical promotion.
  • State government leader clarified best actions to achieve promotion and move her career forward.
  • Tech VP established themselves as thought leader within current company and also within their industry.
  • Head of content at large tech company discovered leading his team is easier and more effective when done from coaching perspective/mindset.
  • Food industry owner/leader designed best exit strategy based upon his vision for next projects.
  • Tech business leader clarified their leadership presence and learned to leverage it in negotiations.
  • Fintech executive positioned themselves for opportunities to be recognized as a thought leader.
  • Career HR Director grew courage to position her experience and land a Head of HR position.
  • Tech VP recognized that by knowing his own value others could then see and respond to it accordingly.
  • Financial services IT leader designed business to create personal freedom during major late career transition.
  • Tech leader clarified growing personal/family responsibilities and designed a hybrid consulting/part-time position that works best at this stage of his career and life.

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