Coach2Lead: Training Leaders to Mindfully Coach Their Teams

A Web and Phone-Based, Asynchronous Training for Leaders and Teams

Create Extraordinary Results and Employee Engagement

Are you a manager frustrated by the fact that you and your team are not performing as well as you can? Generating results in today’s complex business environment demands that we harness the best thinking and focused action of each employee.

How would it affect your work environment

if you could consistently:

  • Deliver high performance business results
  • Be energized by employees who are fully engaged
  • Enjoy a culture of accountability and ownership
  • Retain and develop top talent
  • Unleash innovation, teamwork and collaboration

A Coaching Culture:

  • Engages employees by focusing on each individual’s strengths and on developing their potential
  • Creates accountability and more time for leaders by transferring the ownership and responsibility of problem solving and solutions from leaders to their employees
  • Drives results through collaboration and teamwork


The Coach2Lead Training: Blended Learning Approach for Lasting Behavior Change

  • Seven interactive learning modules teach the critical performance coaching skills every manager needs
  • Modules are pre-recorded in a comprehensive learning platform with video, field guide, and additional materials at your fingertips
  • Discussion, learning and coaching with Jonathan live in conference call format – easy to participate from wherever you are
  • Comprehensive Coaching Field Guide with each module includes interactive coaching diary to document learning and insights
  • Peer-to-Peer coaching-buddy practice sessions help leaders clear the “coaching discomfort hurdle”, making coaching second nature to them
  • On-the-Job Practice applying new skills produces immediate, real-world results

7 Integrated Learning Modules

  • Module 1: The Business & Scientific Case for Coaching
  • Module 2: Core Skill: Artful Questioning
  • Module 3: Core Skill: Artful Listening
  • Module 4: Coaching Conversations: Developing People
  • Module 5: Coaching Follow-Up: Creating Habits
  • Module 6: Career Coaching: Retaining the Best People
  • Module 7: Developing Your Authentic Coaching Style

Learning Outcomes:

  • Successfully apply the performance coach approach to everyday work issues
  • Understand the differences between coaching and other leadership styles, and make satisfactory judgments about when and how to apply the coach approach
  • Successfully apply the coach approach in career development/performance conversations to decrease turnover and improve retention
  • Energize your team and free up your time as your people take ownership

More about Coaching Results and Where the Coach2Lead Training has been Used

Clients of all types and sizes have implemented Coach2Lead for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples:

  • A Fortune Global 500 management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company trains all levels of leadership in order to foster a culture of coaching within a division.
  • An assessment service business offers Coach2Lead to all employees as a development opportunity in order to improve communication and collaboration across their geographically dispersed team.
  • A community-based non-profit research, evaluation, and data center uses Coach2lead to improve their communication and collaboration with customers and other external stakeholders.
  • A library management team at a large public university uses Coach2Lead as the core training to increase senior team cohesion and help staff deal with unusual and unprecedented change.

Jonathan Reynolds is founder and CEO of Mindful Life, Mindful Work. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jonathan’s business and leadership coaching clarifies and leverages the value propositions and key relationships of his clients. Since 1997, Jonathan has trained extensively in the discipline of mindfulness, and his work with leaders emphasizes simple and practical ways to improve performance, efficiency, and workplace cultures by integrating mindfulness sensibilities.


In the video modules you will also meet Tom and Susan, creators of Coach2Lead.

  • Tom Rausch is one of the originators of Coach2Lead and is dedicated to raising the consciousness of business leaders by spreading coaching as a leadership skill across the globe.
  • Susan Alexander has worked closely with Tom Rausch, the originator of Coach2Lead, co-developing additional modules and facilitating programs. Susan is committed to transforming organizations to be places where people can leverage their strengths and capabilities, be recognized for their contributions and celebrated for both their individual and collective success.

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