Executive & Career Coaching: New Client Starter Package

An Affordable Way to Begin Consciously Designing Your Career

Mindful Life, Mindful Work's introductory Executive Coaching and Career Coaching Starter Packages are an excellent way to test the waters of our executive and career coaching services. Whether looking for help as an executive navigating a new role, amidst a career transition, seeking looking to take your career to the next level, or if you are simply seeking a way to reset your intention for your professional direction, our Executive Coaching or Career Coaching Starter Packages  aptly address situations requiring greater clarity and conviction as you move into the next stage of your development as a professional. Below are listed the unique characteristics and requirements of this introductory package:

  • Client must be new to Mindful Life, Mindful Work.
  • Coaching commitment is for two months (rather than our 3-month standard packages).
  • Executive Coaching and Career Coaching consists of four phone sessions (50min each) per month, weekly action items, and email correspondence between our sessions as needed.


MLMW offers its services via a retainer-based framework (i.e. your fees secure months rather than individual sessions). Your total fee for two months of career development coaching under this introductory offer is $1,400 USD. If you wish to continue with our work following the initial 2-month introductory commitment, you can at that time purchase ongoing sessions in twelve, six, or three-month bunches.


*This introductory offer is only available one time per new client.


NOTE: There will be a 10% tax/processing fee added at checkout to cover PayPal's service charges and the administrative tasks required to establish our professional relationship. Payments are due no later than the 25th day of the month preceding the months for which payment is being made.

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