Executive & Career Coaching: Generate New Opportunities

Clarify Your Professional Value, Leverage Your Current Skillsets, Take Decisive Action

Mindful Life, Mindful Work  offers Executive Coaching and Career Development Coaching to qualified individuals and organizations around the world. Our eye for recognizing what is needed to help create the personal and professional growth you desire has supported many in realizing their goals - having your life accurately mirrored is an invaluable experience that consistently proves powerful for our clients.  Read Coaching Testimonials


Depending on the overall scope and focus of your goals, our work will support you in any or all of what we refer to as the Eight D's. Whether addressed sequentially or popcorn style, our work together will explore and refine each of these eight areas related to your life and work:

  1. Define Your Goals for Success
  2. Design Your Perfect Career
  3. Discover Unknown Resources
  4. Distill, Simplify, and Focus Our Effort
  5. Deconstruct Limiting Beliefs
  6. Develop New Perspectives
  7. Decision-Making with Clarity
  8. Delivering Your Desired Results




Executive or Career Coaching consists of four phone sessions (50min each) per month, action items, and email correspondence between sessions as needed.  See Client Contract


MLMW offers its services via a retainer-based framework (i.e. your fees secure months rather than individual sessions). Your fee for one year of executive or career coaching is $12,000 USD - we recommend however that you consider beginning with a six-month commitment (the minimum commitment required is three months). If you wish to continue with our work following the initial commitment, you can at that time purchase ongoing sessions in twelve, six, or three-month bunches.


NOTE: There will be a 10% tax/processing fee added at checkout to cover PayPal's service charges and the administrative tasks required to establish our professional relationship. Payments are due no later than the 25th day of the month preceding the months for which payment is being made.

Mindful Life, Mindful Work, P.O. Box 784, Mill Valley, CA 94942, 415-562-6778