Designing a Mindful Small Business: Optimizing Our Efforts

Creating Infrastructure and Systems that Maximize the Capacity of Your Business

The Mindful Small Business Program (TMSBP)  can be tailored to meet your business's areas of greatest need, and will generally focus on internal cohesion and alignment as it relates to achieving measurable goals. Great businesses are the result of good intention setting, clear design, and sound ongoing execution... the program segments below point to a 'seeing, building, practicing' framework that all businesses must honor to achieve lasting success. A mindful small business after all seeks to grow in a way that both supports itself while simultaneously serving the greater community in a way that helps to make the world a better place overall.


Mindful Life, Mindful Work, Inc's  team helps your business take the necessary steps towards greater efficiency and functionality in ways that are accessible and easily actionable. Below are listed sample areas in which our work can support you and your team, followed by a break-down of the three primary segments of TMSBP. Use the button at the bottom of this page to schedule an introductory strategy session.



  • Business has grown rapidly causing infrastructure, personnel, vision, and values challenges
  • Performance and effectiveness related challenges with leaders, teams, employees
  • Maintaining clarity of mission as a company grows
  • Balancing 'do no evil' with bottom line considerations
  • Diversity, inclusion, power, and psychological safety issues
  • Employee stress, burnout, satisfaction, retention, support
  • Money: financial coaching, systems, accounting, bookkeeping, etc.
  • Clarifying marketing and public relations intentions
  • Aligning leadership with partners and other stakeholders
  • Growth Mindset: culture, communication, applying mindfulness practices
  • How wellness relates to team performance (examples: group meditation; on-site yoga)



  • Honesty: Initial Conversations, Coaching, and Assessments of the Current Reality
  • Foundations: Strengthening Systems, Infrastructure, and the Business's Culture
  • Practice: Ongoing Implementation, Revision, and Iteration of New Skills and Systems

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