Aletheiagram: Assess Your Organization's Performance

Aletheiagram is an Intra-Company Social Network Analysis method, based on a machine learning graph algorithm. A sharp snapshot of your organization empowers us to analyse interpersonal relations between a large number of people. We utilize organizational attributes such as organizational culture, attitudes, team-work, communication, openness or resistance to change, and all aspects to make company operations more efficient. The aim of organization redesign is breaking through the limits of human capital. Understanding the big picture is an essential element of responsible decision-making.


Since 2001, Aletheiagram has managed over 500 projects in 10 countries and 15 different domains, including over 20,000 people. We've been making organizational change and performance development possible worldwide, focusing on aligning organizations with their rapidly changing and complex environment through organizational learning, knowledge management and transformation of organizational norms and values.


Key concepts include organizational climate (the mood or unique “personality” of an organization, which includes attitudes and beliefs that influence members’ collective behavior), organizational culture (the deeply-seated norms, values and behaviors that members share) and organizational strategies (how an organization identifies problems, plans action, negotiates change and evaluates progress).


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