Business Coaching: Design Your Businesses with Growth in Mind

Creating New Opportunities for Organizational Development and Scaled Growth

What is your vision for your business? How do you balance the two realities of your vision and the day-to-day tasks required to attain it?  Being too focused on our vision can often lead to little or no real-world traction towards attaining it. Being too focused on day-to-day tasks can leave us feeling overwhelmed, worn out, and can even cause us to loose site of the bigger picture. How do you balance the two for maximum result? Where is the sweet spot of their intersection?

At Mindful Life, Mindful Work we've found that most businesses already have the connections and relationships they need to be successful. However, they often fail to access these and other essential resources with enough regularity and focused intent, and thus they miss out on significant growth opportunities. MLMW holds business owners and leaders accountable for this oversight, coaching them on how best to reach out and leverage their networks and potential partners. The result is an increased bottom line and more traction for the organization's vision, mission, and purpose. 
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MLMW offers its services via a retainer-based framework (i.e. your fees secure months rather than individual sessions). Your fees for one year of business coaching will range from $24K-$60K USD, depending upon the needs and size of your business; we recommend however that you consider beginning with a six-month commitment (the minimum commitment required is three months). If you wish to continue with our work following the initial commitment, you can at that time purchase ongoing coaching in twelve, six, or three-month bunches.
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NOTE: There will be a 5% tax/processing fee added at checkout to cover PayPal's service charges and the administrative tasks required to establish our professional relationship. Payments are due no later than the 25th day of the month preceding the months for which payment is being made.