Creating a Mindful High Performing Workplace Culture

Assessing and Cultivating Organizational Alignment and Sustainable Success

Take the 'Mindful Organization & Workplace Assessment' (MOWA)


Assessment Details: 112 Questions; 10min to Complete; Free for Individuals; Receive Instant Results; Entirely Confidential; Competencies Measured Include: Leadership, Teams, Employees, Culture, Integrity, Wellness, Public Standing

When a company is designed well and its teams are supported consistently, its leaders, teams, and employees can clearly connect their own personal purpose with the goals of the organization. This is essential if an organization hopes to achieve sustainable and lasting success.


If you are interested in beginning the process of seeing how your organization is performing when it comes to being a truly mindful organization, contact MLMW via the link below to learn more about how the MLMW Mindful Organization & Workplace Assessment (MOWA) can support your organization in becoming an increasingly mindful place of business.

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